Easy as ABC

Fashionologie.com credits Fall 2011 Milan Fashion Week on D&G.  Fashion to D&G is as easy as ABC to them. Fashionologie.com credits Fall 2011 Milan Fashion Week on D&G



Theyskens Theory Fall 2011

Fashionologie.com credits 2011 New York Fashion Week, Theyskens Theory fall 2011 collection has to be my favorite out there this week. "Tough_Sexy_You wish you were me" Theyskens collections consists of elegant but tough looking garments. Towering wedged pumps roamed through the runway with long flowing skirts; Out with the old and in with new. Throw out your cardigans and replace it with a blazer or maybe even leather jacket if you want to be in trend this season. We cannot escape the spring vibrant colors; their everywhere! Also, baggy pants instead of skinny pants. Perhaps the 70's are trending this year with a modern touch.  These are just a few of my favorite pieces from Theysken 2011 NYFW.


Caught My Eye

I could not stop staring at the draping on the ceiling. The workers must of thought I was a crazy person wondering the store.
People asked If I was "him" on the wall constantly. "YES, I am sure, I am not him"

Wishing my apartment was located in that building

NORDSTROM window display reminded me of Lavin for H&M

Trending accessories for spring 2011. Burberry

I would love to see a woman sporting these on the daily basis! These can also be used as a weapon; Killing two birds with one stone. maybe?

I would live in these thrift stores! renting, trading,  and purchasing these items. Gucci, Fendi, Burberry, Chanel is what was cluttered in this store FOR CHEAP. 


sleek & stripes

This collection caught my eye while I was browsing the net. I love every bit of these designs. You can see the beautiful draping in each of  the designs. The accessories add the perfect touch to finish the outfit. Well worth the price if your going to be looking like this! 


By: Adrian Sorg
By: Adrian Sorg
I have been wanting to post some of my photographs I have taken on to my blog. (Bottom) some photographs of what my photographs remind me of.


Marc in Drag

Decided to take a day off from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, but for something eye-catching and something different.


Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week! Day: 3

A preview of Chanel's Spring 2011 Couture Collection

Karl Lagerfeld explains that its couture Brand (Chanel) is for any age group. Opening the show 40- year old Stella Tennant and 45-year old Kristen McMenamy to close out the show. Chanel's Spring 2011 couture collection featured black padded flats, tunic dresses rather than skinny pants. Once it was ending Karl Lagerfeld joined with the main bride Kristen McMenamy wearing a dress filled with embroidered with thousands of gold bead.

Kristen McMenamy
Just a couple photos of Kristen McMenamy (Before)


Paris Haute Couture Week! Kicking off today!

Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I've been busy with school and college due dates; but now I will have more time on my hands since all that is over and it is time for me to blog once again! 

A beginners guide the Paris Haute Couture Week
Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 goes Sci-Fi.


Karl Lagerfeld's commercial line coming to Macy's.

Macy's has confirmed Tuesday's report that Karl Lagerfeld is designing a one of a kind collection for Macy's. This one time collection is going to be sold in 250 Macy stores and online next September.  "Karl Lagerfeld holds a unique place in the world of fashion and icon who is the ultimate modernist" said Terry J. Lundgren, Macy's chairmen , president, and CEO.  Lagerfeld has been planning a more affordable kind of collection to be sold mainly online; still looking for a lower-priced resource. That line will be sold separately from Macy's, it's still in construction which is said to be launched by Fall 2011.


No More Waiting.

After months of waiting and everyone talking about Lanvin for H&M. Finally as of November 20th, 2010. Lanvin for H&M has released its collection to selected stores. I personally love this collection; it's haute couture pieces ,but in affordable prices. Not only the pieces were for women ,but there were pieces for men too! A great collaboration with H&M. Do not forget to check out www.hm.com for more details. Some pieces of the collection I love.  www.lanvin.com | www.hm.com